ESL Program Status Update: March 4, 2020

Due to recent public health and safety concerns around the Corona Virus, we have decided to cancel our ESL program to protect the health and safety of our students and our staff. As a result, classes will be temporarily suspended until it is safe again for us to resume. Please check back on this section for more updates on our ESL program in the future.

ESL classes at Lansing Gospel Hall started in September 2010. We have classes at 7:30 every Friday night except for some holidays. At this point, we offer beginner and intermediate classes and each class runs for about an hour. After the classes are finished, everyone meets for a snack and a time to chat informally. We have a diverse group of students who come — a variety of cultures, ages, and walks of life are represented every week.

Since we are not offering a “registered” ESL course, we do not take attendance at any of our classes or give out certificates at the end of each session. The classes are simply put on by volunteers in the church to help newcomers to Canada feel welcome and make new friends. There is absolutely NO cost involved for the student. Classes, handouts, and snacks are all offered FREE of charge. Everyone is welcome to attend as often as they are able!

Beginner Class
The beginner class focuses on basic vocabulary and pronunciation to help develop confidence communicating in day-to-day activities. We cover topics like Weather, Transportation, Family, Clothing, and other similar subjects. We also teach and explain a short Bible verse for each lesson. In some lessons, we have discussed English idioms.

Intermediate Class
The intermediate class has a conversational format and focuses on current events. The students read a short news article together and then answer various discussion questions. This will help develop more advanced communication skills for those looking to refine their English language abilities. The intermediate class has also learned verses relating to an overview of the Bible and the claims of Christ.

Many Christians from the Lansing Gospel Hall teach the classes. We alternate teachers to give students experience with different English speakers. In addition to teaching, some of us help with set up, registration, food, and clean up. This means there are always lots of people to practice English with when we have the snack at the end of the lesson. We also supervise games and activities with children who come, so their parents can attend the ESL classes.

Everyone is welcome to come any of our other meetings to practice English and learn more about Christianity and God’s love to them!